Work-Life Balance... Family Road Trip in Malaysia

Inertia is real I supposed.  After the holiday mood in December, my work is off to a very slow start in January 2023.  Before everything begins, I am off to a long awaited 4 day 3 night road trip with my family around Malaysia!  The main purpose of this road trip is less of sight-seeing and play, but more of meeting and catching up with relatives, and of course, enjoy the good food in places like Ipoh!  Always important to remind myself familial ties is more important than endless work.

Its been a couple of years since I last travelled around Malaysia.  The last time I went to Ipoh was in 2019, and Covid occurred shortly later.  Thankful that this year, at the beginning, my siblings and me have time to accompany my mum back to her hometown to visit her siblings, and of course, enjoy the great food in Ipoh!  

 View from Airbnb in Ipoh

Food wise, I have to say, inflation has impacted every place.  Food prices in Ipoh has risen to unbelievable levels.  It's still relative cheap compared to places like Kuala Lumpur and Johor, but definitely much higher than pre-Covid times.  In certain places, shrinkflation has also occurred, as food portion actually became smaller.  Nonetheless, I think the quality is still there.  Lovely, tasty and glorious food, definitely brings back childhood memories.





We also went to visit our uncles, aunts, and cousins.  One of my aunt has green fingers, and she is Botanist-worthy in my opinion!  Her small garden is filled with her precious creations.  The plants are relatively high maintenance, not so much in terms of cost, but more in terms of effort.  My aunt definitely put in her best in taking care of her precious.  This is an important aspect of retirement, as a hobby can definitely enhance retirement living, and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle!                          

After spending 3 days and 2 nights in Ipoh, we continue our journey southwards to Selangor, specifically Puchong, where my granduncle resides.  Time to pay him a visit after a long time.  Glad to see that both granduncle and grandaunt are well!

 View from Airbnb in Puchong

Of course, a delicious meal is a must!  Had the opportunity to feast at this restaurant with mouth-watering fish porridge!  Definitely a thumbs up! 

Overall it's a great trip!  Most importantly we have the chance to meet up with our relatives, and being post-Covid, it definitely let us cherish such moments even more!  Catching up with them, reminiscing the past and sharing stories of the past are enjoyable moments.  Not forgetting the glorious food that, despite inflated prices, still remains affordable after currency exchange.  This may inevitably require me to increase my Barista FIRE number, as the jump in prices is something not to be dismissed simply!  Shall continue to work hard, play hard, and may market recover soon so that my portfolio can be more pleasing to the eyes, and make my upcoming travels more justifiable!  For now, Barista FIRE, here I come...! 


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